CBD Products Compared

How much does CBD cost?

We are the bestselling CBD supplement any reasons. It’s not just due to our investment in the development of our ground breaking products, state of the art extraction methods and dedication to providing a first class service.


It also comes down to price.

Our aim from the start was to offer the best value possible to our customers and that means providing the lowest prices in the industry.


How do you know, what is good value?

The only way compare CBD products is to know how many milligrams (mg) of CBD are in each product. From there you can work our cost per mg

The reason you purchase a CBD product is for the total active content of CBD. To compare products the only information that is relevant is the CBD content.


But how do we stack up against the competition?

We know we offer the best price per mg in the industry but we wanted to make this as clear as day

So we thought we would make your life easier, and have compiled a list of all the available CBD products on the market and there price per mg.


You can filter the list by “product type” to compare only the products that you are interested in.


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