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Having opened towards the end of 2017, Paul and partner Rachel, are committed to the healthier living concept. They know a lot about the products they stock and the companies behind them, including ourselves, Canabidol™.

Paul and Rachel are more than happy to offer advice on anything in their store. Both strongly believe in nature having the answers to good health, and a happy life!  

We would like to take the time to thank those at “Paul’s Natural Foods” for representing Canabidol™ with such high provisions, having this support has contributed to the growth of Canabidol™.

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As you may be aware, Cannabidiol (CBD) oil has taken the media by storm. This influx of knowledge and awareness around CBD has made it a talking point for you at home.

Paul’s Natural Foods is a great place to satisfy your CBD interests and questions, as Paul took CBD oil for his own well-being prior to opening his store. This is what influenced his decision to prioritise the introduction of good ethical CBD brands in to his store within months of opening!

Paul uses our oil daily to maintain his own health, and is more than happy to share his journey taking Canabidol™ CBD Oil with his customers. Paul told us that “CBD oil is now a popular and prominent part of the shops product mix”.  

Paul is confident that CBD will make a positive contribution to many people’s lives.



We understand that choosing the right CBD product for you can be difficult, having shops like Paul’s available for the public to visit, helps make that choice simple. It allows you at home, to see the product before buying.

Paul and Rachel are always happy to assist where possible, this helps promote and highlight the benefits of CBD. Paul’s shop has a range of customers looking for different products to aid a range of conditions. Many of whom are seeking more of a natural way to change their circumstances.

These customers are often seeking an alternative to medicinal treatment, many opt for more natural supplements and vitamins, such as CBD oil.

Paul mentions that a few of his customers unfortunately suffer with conditions such as chronic pain, fatigue, sleepless nights, mental illnesses, as well as battling cancer.

He mentions that many comment on their improved quality of life and general well-being for which Canabidol™ CBD seems to be contributing towards.

As I mentioned earlier, CBD is a booming industry with many competitors flooding the market, unfortunately there are some with substandard quality items.

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Here at Canabidol™ we pride ourselves on producing consistently high-quality products, and providing exceptional service. Aiming to be the benchmark of quality in the CBD industry. We asked Paul what he thought of our mission at Canabidol™.

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Canabidol™ CBD looks like the quality product is it. The presentation of the product supported by literature and an easy to navigate website shows they company’s commitment to a high level of customer service.

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He elaborates…


The process of cleaning and preparing the oil is also evidence of how thorough the endeavour to propel their range to be the best on the market.

No one can dispute hoe fair and reasonable their products are priced for the consumer. They are bringing affordable quality CBD oil to the UK market.

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To everyone at “Paul’s Natural Foods”, we can’t thank you enough for such kind words about our company, it’s clients such as you that help lift the stigma that currently surrounds the CBD industry.

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To ensure good practise within this industry there are bodies in place. If readers aren’t already aware, the Cannabis Trades Association (CTA) is the only UK centric trade association for the UK; working with all sectors of the hemp and cannabis industry to promote good practice; provide practical advice and ensure consumers of legal cannabis; and hemp products have access to top quality information. Along with the CTA, the Cannabis Products Directive (CPD) work in conjunction with the Foods Standards Agency (FSA) and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), setting out a framework for the regulation and licensing of all cannabis and cannabinoid products.

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Due to the taboo associated with cannabis, having these legitimate bodies help ensure the distribution and trade of CBD oil is regulated and stays within the law.

Paul believes that CBD oil is here to stay. Paul and Rachel have total confidence in the CBD market and already have firmly established CBD within their shop as an essential food.



The relentless positive feedback of its natural medicinal qualities mean we see unlimited growth and controlled benefits of many people for many years ahead.


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