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All You Need To Know About Water-Soluble CBD

One way to ensure an optimum uptake of  CBD into your body is via a water-soluble product, but what does this mean and what options do you have in selecting a water-soluble CBD product that can then be swallowed and … Read More

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The Unbelievable Benefit of Consuming CBD Orally

The product that continues to set the bar. Canabidol™ CBD Capsules are a star product for a reason: with unrivalled quality and purity, it’s no wonder you guys keep coming back for more…. CBD is a relatively modern substance, so there … Read More


Try Our New CBD Oil and Our Classic RAW oil for Free

Try our new CBD oil and our classic RAW oil for Free with every phone order this week. We would love to give you the opportunity to try the oil from our classic full plant entourage range and the new … Read More


The MHRA has Not Banned CBD or Canabidol™ Products, find out why……

You may have been made aware of a statement that has been circulated by the media, that the MHRA has made regarding Cannabidiol (CBD) and that CBD will be classed as a medicine from November. The Medicines and Healthcare Products … Read More

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New Pure CBD Cannabis Oil from Canabidol

We have just launched our range of CBD rich Cannabis Oils which have been developed for the UK market. The first CBD oil that comes in 18%, 25% and 50% concentrations and with a guarenteed cannabidiol content. These full extraxct … Read More