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British Cannabis™: The Top CBD Oil Manufacturer in the UK

CBD Oil Manufacturer UK

Welcome to Canabidol™, the heart of innovation at British Cannabis™, the UK’s leading manufacturer of CBD oil.

British Cannabis™, also known as CBD Health Foods Ltd, is one of the leading CBD oil manufacturer UK and distributors of CBD products in the UK.

At Canabidol, our mission is clear: to deliver unparalleled quality and purity in every bottle of CBD oil we produce.

With rigorous testing and a commitment to transparency, we ensure that every product not only meets the strictest standards but sets new benchmarks in the CBD industry.

Whether you’re a longtime CBD user or new to its benefits, our full-spectrum oils are designed to enhance your wellness journey.

Dive into this article to discover how our dedication to excellence and our innovative products can make a real difference in your daily health regimen.

British Cannabis™ CBD Oil Manufacturer UK

British Cannabis™ is the force behind the trusted CBD brand, Canabidol™. Founded in 2015, British Cannabis has established itself as a premier CBD oil manufacturer and distributor in the UK.

The company was born out of a commitment to crafting safe, effective, and reliable CBD products that adhere to the highest standards of production from seed to shelf.

Vision and Mission

The vision of British Cannabis™ is to pioneer and innovate within the CBD industry while promoting wellness and a better quality of life through natural products.

The mission is straightforward: to provide customers with the highest quality CBD products on the market, ensuring transparency and trustworthiness in every batch produced.

CBD Oil Manufacturer UK

Key Milestones and Achievements

Over the years, British Cannabis™ has reached several significant milestones:

  • Product Development: The launch of Canabidol™ brought a focused line of CBD products to the market, renowned for their purity and efficacy.
  • Accreditations: Achieving GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification and meeting strict FSA (Food Standards Agency) guidelines, ensuring their products meet stringent regulatory standards.
  • Market Expansion: Expanding their reach from online distributions to physical retail presences, making their products more accessible to a broad audience.
  • Research and Innovation: Continued investment in research has led to the development of proprietary extraction and purification processes that enhance the bioavailability and effectiveness of CBD products.

Each of these achievements underscores British Cannabis™’s commitment to excellence and positions Canabidol™ as a leader in the CBD industry.

As the company looks to the future, it continues to focus on innovation and the development of new products to meet the growing needs of consumers in the UK and beyond.

Product Range

Canabidol™ by British Cannabis™ offers an extensive array of CBD products, each formulated to meet the unique needs and preferences of its customers.

Here’s a detailed look at the variety of offerings:

CBD Oils

CBD Oil UK For Skin

Canabidol’s flagship product, these full-spectrum CBD oils are renowned for their purity and potency.

Available in different concentrations, they cater to both beginners and experienced CBD users.

The oils are designed for sublingual delivery, ensuring rapid absorption and effective results.

CBD Patches

If you’re looking for an alternate way to support your health, and wellbeing and to promote a sense of relaxation.

This quick, easy and discreet dermal CBD patch is a perfect topical method of taking in the numerous benefits of CBD. Perfect for all users. 

Cbd Patches Uk

CBD Rescue Cream

Canabidol CBD Cream

A standout product, this cream combines CBD with other natural ingredients to nourish and protect the skin.

It’s particularly suited for improving skin health and providing relief from various skin conditions.

Edibles and Gummies

For those who seek a tasty way to consume CBD, Canabidol provides a line of edibles, including gummies.

These are not only flavorful but also make dosing enjoyable and discreet.


Innovation in Product Development

Canabidol is continually expanding its product range to include innovative formulations that incorporate other beneficial herbs and natural compounds.

This approach not only enhances the effectiveness of the products but also caters to the growing consumer demand for holistic wellness solutions.

Each product in the Canabidol range is a testament to British Cannabis™’s dedication to quality, innovation, and consumer satisfaction.

Whether customers are looking for relief, relaxation, or a boost in their overall health, Canabidol offers a safe, effective, and trustworthy solution.

CBD Oil Manufacturer UK


In the end of conclusion, adding CBD oil products into your daily routine can improve your overall health and well-being , while helping to lead a more active and aware way of life. CBD by British Cannabis™ offers premium quality CBD oil products that align with your personal values of health and wellness, mindfulness, and social responsibility. 

Choose CBD by British Cannabis™ for all your CBD oil needs and experience the numerous benefits of this natural remedy. No matter if you love outdoors activities, yoga or meditation, as well as fitness and exercise social gatherings such as music, travel or personal development. 

Our plethora of CBD products, are easy to integrate into your routine At CBD by British Cannabis™, we prioritize personalized support, transparency, quality, and sustainability to ensure that our customers receive exceptional service and safe and effective products that align with their values. 

By choosing CBD by British Cannabis™, you can trust us as your trusted source of premium quality full-spectrum CBD oil products for an active and mindful lifestyle. Take the first step towards a healthier and more balanced life by incorporating CBD oil into your daily routine with CBD by British Cannabis™. 


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