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If you’re looking for an alternate way to support your health, wellbeing and to promote a sense of relaxation. This quick, easy and discreet dermal CBD patch is a perfect topical method of taking in the numerous benefits of CBD. Perfect for all users. 


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The Pharmacy Range

CBD Dermal Patches

CBD by BRITISH CANNABIS™ products meet the exacting standards required by pharmacist for the retail sales of CBD.

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The Award Winning 100% Cannabis – CBD Dermal Patches

Our products are produced by highly skilled cannabis scientists in our very own laboratories based here in the United Kingdom

These CBD patches are similar in size to a normal plaster. However, each one is infused with our premium Cannabis sativa L. CBD extract.

Delivering a quick, easy and discreet topical method of absorbing the benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD). Your body heat helps activates the patches natural aromas, including cannabis terpenes and essential oils.

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Direction For Use

Apply patch on clean, dry skin. Remove protective liner and apply gently to targeted area. Replace the patch every 24 hours or as needed.


Cannabis sativa L., L-Linalool, β-Myrcene, D-Limonene, α-Pinene, β-Pinene, β-Caryophyllene, Terpinolene, Ocimene, Borneol, Ylang Ylang Oil, Eucalyptol, Camphene, Citral, L-Menthone, Linalyl Acetate, Nerolidol, p-Cymene, Lavender Essential Oil, α-Tocopherol.

Dosing Information

One patch delivers 50mg of CBD.

100% Cannabis CBD Rescue Cream Canabidol
  • Each CBD dermal patch contains 50mg of CBD, plus cannabis terpene aromas from essential oils, to promote a sense of relaxation and wellbeing.
  • Quick, easy and discreet to apply.
  • Body heat helps ‘activate’ the patch, releasing the essential cannabis compounds.
  • Simply apply the dermal CBD patch to venous part of your body, like the top of your arm, inside your wrist or on your ankle.
  • One CBD Dermal Patch can be worn for up to 24 hours for maximum effect.
  • Clinically tested to be mild & kind to skin, dermatologist approved and hypoallergenic.

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Caution: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not apply to broken or irritated skin. If skin sensitivity occurs, discontinue use. Store in original packaging. Consult your healthcare professional before using if you are pregnant, looking to become pregnant or are breastfeeding. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


With Dr. Christian Jessen

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100% Cannabis CBD Rescue Cream Canabidol

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  • Avatar

    Sophie Chang

    Pinpointing wellness

    The CBD patches have been a game changer in managing my physical discomfort and enhancing my overall wellness. Their ease of use, effectiveness, and discreet nature make them highly valuable. On nights when I use a patch, particularly after a physically demanding day, I find that I fall asleep more easily and experience fewer disturbances throughout the night. Despite having sensitive skin, I’ve experienced no irritation or adverse reactions. This is a significant consideration for anyone who might be hesitant about using topical products due to skin sensitivities. Also, I want to talk about how good the customer service is. Whenever I had questions about the patches, like how to use them or when they would get delivered, the company always gave me quick and clear answers. The fact that they care so much about making sure their customers are happy, along with how well their patches work, has made me keep buying from them. It’s not every day that you find a product that works so well and comes with great help and service.

    20 December 23
    Verified Review
  • Avatar


    Balance in a patch

    I’ve used them for various types of discomfort, from the nagging pain in my lower back to the occasional tension headache. In each case, the patches have provided significant relief. What’s more, I’ve noticed a subtle but noticeable improvement in my general mood and stress levels. CBD’s calming effects seem to extend beyond physical relief, contributing to a more balanced state of mind. I appreciate not worrying about running out of patches, as I can easily reorder and receive a new supply promptly. In addition to the patches, I’ve also had a positive experience with their 300mg CBD capsules. The capsules are another convenient option, especially for those times when I prefer an oral supplement to a topical application. I’ve found that they complement the patches well, providing an additional layer of relief and relaxation.

    17 December 23
    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Angela Brooks

    Recovery made simple

    The CBD patches provided a perfect alternative. I noticed a marked decrease in discomfort within just a few minutes of application, which was a relief. This consistent relief has been instrumental in my recovery process, allowing me to focus on healing rather than being preoccupied with pain. The peace of mind that comes with using a natural product cannot be overstated. Having an option that is less intrusive and more aligned with my lifestyle preferences was important to me. The fact that they don’t have the side effects is a huge plus. Purchasing the patches online through their website was a breeze. The checkout process was secure and efficient, adding to the overall positive experience. I was also impressed with the delivery speed. The patches arrived much quicker than I anticipated, which was a pleasant surprise, especially considering my urgent need. The package arrived in perfect condition, and I was pleased to see that the packaging was minimal yet effective, reducing unnecessary waste. This attention to detail and consideration for the environment is something I highly value and appreciate in a company. I’m thankful to have found such a reliable product!

    5 December 23
    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Jason Richards

    Goodbye, daily discomfort!

    The ease of use is a major plus. The simple peel-and-stick application means I can quickly apply a patch in the morning and go about my day without worrying about reapplication or mess. This convenience is invaluable for someone with a hectic schedule like mine. The patches also have a discreet design, which I appreciate. I can wear them under my clothes without anyone noticing, making it easier to manage my pain in social and professional settings. It’s comforting to know I can receive pain relief while maintaining my privacy. Another aspect that stands out is the quality of the adhesive. It’s strong enough to stay in place throughout various activities, whether I’m at the office, exercising, or simply going about my daily chores. Despite this strong adherence, I’ve had no issues with skin irritation or discomfort, which is a common concern with adhesive products. They’re a blend of convenience, effectiveness, and discretion that’s hard to find in other products. I’m grateful to have discovered them and will certainly continue using them as a part of my daily routine.

    27 November 23
    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Jackson Clark

    Five stars!

    Seriously, I didn’t expect these patches to work as well as they do. While the patches are fantastic in terms of effectiveness, I have noticed a small issue. The edges of the patches tend to start peeling off a bit, especially when I wear them all day or during intense physical activities like my gym sessions. This peeling can be a bit of a hassle as I find myself needing to readjust or sometimes replace the patch to ensure it stays in place. But the benefits I’ve experienced from these patches outweigh this issue. I still highly recommend them for their impressive effectiveness in stress and pain management. The delivery of these patches was impressively quick, which was a pleasant surprise. It’s always great when a product you’re eager to try arrives faster than expected. In addition to the speedy delivery, I have to commend the customer service. It was top-notch. It’s refreshing to see a company that not only delivers a great product but also backs it up with great service.

    25 November 23
    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Miranda Thomas

    All-day comfort

    I’ve observed that the patches have significantly reduced my post-workout muscle soreness. This has allowed me to maintain a more consistent exercise schedule without the discomfort that usually follows intense sessions. I also appreciate that the patches don’t have any noticeable scent and don’t leave residue on my skin, which is a common issue with other topical products I’ve tried. Moreover, I’ve noticed an improvement in my sleep quality since using the patches. The relaxing effects seem to help me wind down more easily at night, leading to a more restful sleep. This was an unexpected but welcome benefit. If I were to suggest an area for improvement, it would be the inclusion of more detailed usage instructions, particularly regarding the best placement areas for different types of discomfort. I highly recommend them

    24 November 23
    Verified Review
  • Avatar


    Best cbd patches so far

    I tried these patches after hearing all the buzz and, honestly, I’m so glad I did. The scent is quite subtle, which is great for being discreet. This discreetness is one of the key reasons I’ve come to rely on them so much. I can wear a patch at work or when I’m out running errands, and no one is any the wiser. It’s like my little secret to staying calm and collected in any situation. I used to get tense and anxious before big meetings, but now I feel more relaxed and focused, which has improved my performance. In addition to the patches, I’ve also started trying their CBD refine oil at 250mg. This oil has been another great addition to my routine, especially for those moments when I need something a bit more direct. I take it in the evenings, and it helps me wind down after a long day. The oil works a bit differently than the patches. It’s more about giving me an overall sense of relaxation. It’s been particularly helpful on those nights when my mind is racing and I can’t seem to quiet down my thoughts.

    17 November 23
    Verified Review
  • Avatar


    Thumbs up!

    After one of those crazy days at work, I put on a patch, and it’s incredible how fast I start to unwind. The stress and tension that build up during the day just seem to fade away. It’s almost like these patches have some kind of magic in them. There’s no mess, no fuss just stick one on and that’s it. And the effect lasts for hours, which means I can enjoy my evenings feeling calm and relaxed. I’ve got to give a big thumbs up to these little squares of calmness. They’ve been a lifesaver on those days when I just need to chill out and take a breath. For anyone who’s dealing with stress or just needs a little help to relax, I highly recommend giving these patches a try. They’ve definitely made a noticeable difference in my routine, helping me to handle the daily grind with a bit more ease.

    9 November 23
    Verified Review

Why Choose CBD Patches?

If you seek an alternative method to bolster your well-being and induce a state of relaxation, these discreet CBD patches are an excellent option for experiencing the advantages of CBD.

The CBD by BRITISH CANNABIS™ CBD Patches are conveniently sized like regular plasters, yet each patch is infused with our premium Cannabis sativa L., providing a swift and inconspicuous topical application.

Unleash the potential of CBD transdermal patches enriched with cannabidiol. Resembling a band-aid in appearance, each patch swiftly delivers CBD to the surrounding area, effectively permeating into your bloodstream.

In search of a restful night’s sleep? The natural aromas of our CBD patches are activated by your body heat, releasing cannabis relaxing terpenes and essential oils. Our exclusive formula comprises 17 natural plant terpenes and essential oils, along with 500mg of pure CBD extracted from cannabis. Furthermore, our CBD patches are both vegan-certified and dermatologically tested, ensuring high quality and suitability for your needs.

Our product is THC-free and completely legal!

To access comprehensive details regarding the health advantages, recommended dosages, and legal status of our additional CBD offerings, please click here.


  • One patch delivers 50mg of CBD.
  • Clean and safe
  • No pesticides 
  • Infused with 100% Cannabis sativa L
  • Kind and mild to skin
  • Approved by dermatologists 
  • Always third-party tested 
  • Made in our UK approved facility 
  • Award-Winning

Legality of CBD (Cannabidiol)

CBD, originating from the cannabis plant, is a non-intoxicating substance present in a diverse range of products, such as oils and cosmetics. It adheres to legal regulations when procured from licensed producers in the UK, like CBD by BRITISH CANNABIS™, ensuring full compliance. 

Community Collaboration

At BRITISH CANNABIS™, we harness our extensive knowledge and expertise in the cannabis industry through our research and development cannabis farm located in Portugal. Working closely with a dedicated community, we cultivate Cannabis sativa L. to ensure the production of high-quality CBD products.

With our refined cannabis cultivation techniques and ongoing research and development efforts, we remain adaptable and compliant with evolving industry regulations. This allows us to deliver the most effective cannabis supplements and cosmetics to the market, meeting the highest standards of quality and efficacy.

Potential Advantages of CBD Patches

CBD patches offer rapid and efficient delivery of medication, bypassing the digestive system and enabling direct absorption of cannabinoids. This ensures undiluted circulation of the active compounds. With a prolonged dosage interval of up to 24 hours, these patches provide sustained relief. CBD patches for pain are one of the their benefits. And also another benefit is cbd patches for anxiety may help. Pre-loaded with carefully regulated quantities of cannabis, they empower users to have precise control over their intake.

Common Applications

CBD dermal patches are frequently utilised to address specific areas of discomfort, such as localised knee or lower back pain, providing targeted relief for individuals.

The convenience and ease of application make CBD dermal patches a popular choice among those seeking localised pain relief. By directly applying the patch to the affected area, the CBD is gradually released into the skin, providing a steady and targeted dose.

Prioritise Safety

CBD by BRITISH CANNABIS™ is proud to have developed a CBD range specifically tailored for the pharmacy sector. Interested in learning more? Our wide selection of CBD products adheres to the stringent standards set by pharmacists for the retail sale of CBD, providing reassurance and peace of mind.

As one of the most established brands in the UK, CBD by BRITISH CANNABIS™ has been at the forefront of the industry, consistently demonstrating a commitment to excellence, compliance, and delivering CBD products that are reliable and trustworthy.

CBD patches
CBD patches