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CBD by BRITISH CANNABIS™ Cannabis CBD Oil is our best tasting and best-selling CBD oil supplement, its highly refined formula meets the exacting standards required by pharmacists and healthcare professionals. Perfect for all users. 


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100% Cannabis CBD Oils

CBD by BRITISH CANNABIS™ products by BRITISH CANNABIS™ meet the exacting standards required by pharmacist for the retail sales of CBD.

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The Award Winning 100% Cannabis Oil – Best CBD Oil

At CBD by BRITISH CANNABIS™, we take great pride in our award-winning CBD Oil. Made from 100% cannabis and enriched with real cannabis terpenes, this premium oil has been developed to meet the exacting standards of the pharmacy sector – truly the champagne of the best CBD oils out there!

When you purchase our CBD oil, you can trust that it’s consistent, compliant, and manufactured to the highest of standards. Our products are crafted by highly skilled cannabis scientists in our very own UK-based laboratories.

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CBD Oil Directions For Use

Using the pipette provided, drop desired amount of CBD oil under your tongue.

Keep the CBD oil in your mouth for as long as possible to increase the bioavailability of CBD. Swallowing your CBD oil instantly will reduce the bioavailability of CBD absorbed into your bloodstream.

CBD Oil Ingredients

99.8% Cannabis sativa L., 0.2% Natural Terpene Flavourings.

CBD Oil Dosing Information

250mg: Half a pipette (0.5ml) delivers 13mg of CBD.

500mg: Half a pipette (0.5ml) delivers 25mg of CBD.

1000mg: Half a pipette (0.5ml) delivers 50mg of CBD.

2000mg: Quarter a pipette (0.25ml) delivers 50mg of CBD.

100% Cannabis CBD Rescue Cream Canabidol

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Store product in original packaging. Store out of reach of young children. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Always consult your doctor if you are taking medications or have medical conditions. Not suitable for pregnant or lactating women. Do not exceed 70mg of CBD per day.

If you are a new users of CBD, we recommended starting on a low dose and gradually build up your strength and/or dose over time.

For further information on your dosage, please contact us via info@britishcannabis.org or call us on +44 (0)203 9652 420.


With Dr. Christian Jessen

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"Fantastic CBD oil, best we have found" Trustpilot 5 start review.

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  • Avatar


    Happy wiht the quality

    The reliability and consistent quality of the product have greatly enhanced my overall experience. It has become a dependable part of my routine, aiding in stress management, discomfort relief, and sleep improvement. The fact that I’ve received the same high-quality product with each order boosts my confidence in recommending this oil to my friends and family. Additionally, their commitment to transparency is commendable. They provide extensive information not only about their products but also about CBD in general. This is especially beneficial for those new to CBD or looking to understand how it integrates into a wellness routine. Their approach to customer education is impressive, going beyond mere product promotion to nurturing a well-informed and health-conscious community. The unwavering quality, punctual delivery, thorough transparency, and dedication to sustainability and educational initiatives are key reasons for my strong endorsement of this product.

    16 December 23
    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Jose Hail

    Sharing my experience

    There were a few days, especially early in my usage when I didn’t notice a significant difference. This was particularly true on days of extreme stress or when my sleep cycle was disrupted for other reasons. It’s also worth mentioning that the taste of the oil might not be appealing to everyone but I got used to it over time. Now that I’m halfway through my first bottle, the positive changes in my wellbeing are not just noticeable but also significant. It’s not just the moments of high stress that are easier to manage, but also the everyday situations where I find myself more balanced and at ease. Looking forward to my next purchase, I am contemplating trying a higher strength. This decision is driven by curiosity and a desire to explore how an increased potency might further enhance my quality of life. The flexibility to adjust the strength based on my evolving needs is one of the most appealing aspects of this product line. I’m optimistic about the possibilities that a higher potency might hold and look forward to seeing how it can further contribute to my wellness journey. For anyone considering a similar path, I recommend starting with a lower strength to gauge your body’s response and then gradually exploring higher potencies as you become more comfortable and familiar with the effects.

    12 December 23
    Verified Review
  • Avatar


    Loyal customer

    The effectiveness of this CBD oil in reducing my anxiety has been nothing short of transformative. It’s not just about feeling less stressed, it’s about experiencing a profound sense of serenity that permeates through my daily activities.
    The 500mg is perfect for my daily use, providing a consistent and gentle effect that helps maintain my sense of calm and focus throughout the day. There are days when the usual stressors are more pronounced or when unexpected challenges arise, and that’s when the 1000mg strength becomes particularly beneficial. The online ordering process is another aspect of the service that deserves praise. The website is user-friendly, making it easy to navigate through product selections and place orders. The convenience of having such a powerful wellness tool just a few clicks away is something I greatly appreciate. My interactions with the Customer Service team have been consistently positive. On the few occasions where I needed assistance, whether it was a query about a product or a shipping concern, their responses were not only swift but also thorough and considerate. I look forward to continuing my journey with this brand and remain a delighted and loyal customer. For anyone seeking a natural way to enhance their well-being, I cannot recommend this product highly enough. It truly stands out in a crowded market for all the right reasons.

    30 November 23
    Verified Review
  • Avatar


    Outstanding product

    This newfound sense of calm and focus was not just beneficial in my professional life, but it also positively impacted my personal life. I found myself more patient and present during interactions with family and friends, which has strengthened my relationships. The ability to remain composed under pressure has always been a challenge for me, but with the aid of this CBD oil, it’s become a more attainable goal. Good customer service is an integral part of the overall product experience, and they certainly excel in that area. From its quality and effectiveness to the excellent customer service and environmental responsibility of the brand, it’s a product that I not only trust but also enjoy using. It’s a rare find in a crowded market, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their wellness routine with a natural, high-quality supplement.