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The Unbelievable Benefit of Consuming CBD Orally

CBD Oral Capsules

The product that continues to set the bar.

Canabidol CBD Capsules is a star product for a reason: with unrivalled quality and purity, it’s no wonder you guys keep coming back for more….

CBD Oral Capsules

CBD is a relatively modern substance, so there really is no ‘normal’ way of taking it… some like to eat it, many choose to take it sublingually… Both are fine!

But the difference between the two ways, and the impact changing the way you administer CBD can have on your body might shock you…

The benefits to be found in orally consuming CBD are on the whole, unknown by the average consumer.

Yes, it’s true that the bio-availability of consuming CBD orally is lower than the more well-known sublingual administration, but Canabidol™ CBD Oral Capsules are a star product for a reason: eating CBD, it turns out, has a huge advantage over other methods, and our capsules, with their unrivalled quality and purity, are an exceptional way to experience it for yourself…

CBD Oral Capsules

There is a genuine benefit in taking CBD orally over the sublingual route, so let us explain why adding an oral CBD product to your supplementary regime is by far one of the best steps you will take on your CBD journey.

The difference between the two methods lies deep in the body’s fat cells. When you eat anything that contains oil, and oil-borne substances like Canabidol™ CBD Capsules are no exception, the lipids present are stored in the fat tissues of the body…lipids like the active CBD oil that forms the backbone of our CBD products.

This storage function of the body provides the fundamental basis for the benefits our customers experience with our oral products, is that by taking CBD orally is stored in your fat cells and can be utilised by your body for over 48 hours

That’s 48 hours…. Two whole days! Compared to the effective activity period for sublingual application- on average around 6 hours- That makes Canabidol™ CBD Capsules a relative long-distance runner to sublingual sprinter!

In pragmatic, real terms, that means that by taking both, you can be assured that forgetting your regularly administered sublingual dose won’t leave you in the lurch!

If you are currently only taking CBD through the subliminal route, you may have noticed sharp drop-offs in the effectiveness when you miss a dose by an hour or so….

Indeed, if you forget your regimented administration timetable you may find the overwhelming benefits you experience from your CBD consumption fade alarmingly quickly.

But with the extra protection given by the oral methods storage, by combining your doses you’re still covered, thanks to the oral dose’s extraordinarily long life!

This is why the CBD Oral Capsules are so popular, not because they are a superior administration method, but because they are hands down the best supplementary product to take alongside your sublingual oil, providing you with round-the-clock CBD goodness in your body.

CBD Oral Capsules

Do you know that feeling when the CBD is fading from your system? Not any more you don’t!

Add CBD Oral Capsules to your CBD lineup and stop that in its tracks right now!

Every cap is carefully and consistently packed with our select blend of high-CBD-yield strains of cannabis, grown to exacting standards in our state-of-the-art growing facilities throughout Europe.

No one but Canabidol™ puts so much time, care and attention into getting the very best product for you: all the way from the farm to checkout, Canabidol™ are stringent in checking that every step of the way maximizes the strength, quality and purity of the end product.

The result is CBD caps that are matched by no other. There is simply no rival to the quality provided by Canabidol™ CBD caps.

And that quality made it easy to roll out our newest addition… CBDa Caps.

Wait, what? CBDa?

Yes indeed! You’re forgiven for not knowing about it, but CBDa has always been a vital part of the process we take to bring you the best CBD in the world.

CBDa is rarely seen outside of the CBD supply chain, and almost never put into consumer hands… that’s for the simple reason that until recently it was only seen as a precursor for CBD, which it is… but modern thinking has put CBDa centre stage, suggesting there’s more to this mysterious substance than meets the eye.

CBDa is essential to the process of making CBD… The raw plant matter freshly harvested from the plants we grow contains virtually no CBD… what it does contain is CBDa…

It is here that we generally activate the CBDa, before extracting and purifying it into the best CBD extract in the world…

But in light of the new demand for a purer, more experimental product, we are now taking a special reserve of the raw, inactivated, unprocessed and vitally, unfiltered, natural CBDa and offering it to you at extremely competitive rates.

Our CBDa caps are a mixture of mysterious and only partially researched compounds, all derived from our incredible harvest of high-CBD cannabis. The only way to get closer to the crop is to stand in the field itself!

Little wonder that there is such a buzz surrounding the potential uses for CBDa right now.

Our CBDa capsules are the only ones to make use of Canabidol™ legendary plants, which are as high in natural goodness as you could hope for… goodness that remains unadulterated and unprocessed, just as mother nature intended (assuming, of course, that mother nature has staunch respect for empirical scientific methodology and agricultural bio-engineering, namely selective breeding, the result of which is notably prevalent in the rise of hyper-specialised super-strains…which she does, obviously!)

Canabidol™ set the CBD bar with the quality of the cannabis we grow to make Canabidol™ CBD Oil, and now you can enjoy it raw and unprocessed, meaning you can try the varied and deeply rich, natural experience of CBDa, yet be satisfied that you are getting everything you can out of the product.

While our CBD Capsules are fully activated to contain maximum potency of CBD, our CBDa capsules containing nothing but the purest, cleanest, most unadulterated CBDa on the market.

Take this chance and this newly gained knowledge as an ideal opportunity to try introducing a highly concentrated raw dose of CBDa to your CBD routine. The combination may surprise you!

Providing you with the longest-lasting CBD administration that is stored in your fat cells to get a true 24/7 CBD intake around the clock.

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