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Why choose a CBD Patch?

Our CBD Patches offer several advantages over other forms of CBD consumption. Here are some reasons why CBD Patches are a great method of absorption:

Convenient and discreet: CBD patches are easy to apply and can be worn discreetly under clothing, making them a convenient option for those who don’t want to draw attention to their CBD use.

Long-lasting effects: CBD patches are designed to deliver a slow and steady release of CBD for up to 24 hours, providing long-lasting effects compared to other forms of CBD. 

Precise dosing: With CBD patches, it’s easy to control the amount of CBD you’re taking as each patch contains 50mg of CBD. This makes it easier to achieve a consistent and precise dosage.

No need to ingest or inhale: CBD patches offer a non-invasive way to consume CBD, as there’s no need to ingest or inhale anything. This makes them a safe and convenient option for those with respiratory issues or who do not like the taste of CBD oils.

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