The Leading CBD Oil Now Comes with Both Dropper Cap and Spray Cap!

It’s good to have options. Whether it’s choosing between wearing shoes, or trainers today; having dinner at home, or going out to eat; or something even more crucial – having that little bit of flexibility can make the day ahead all the easier.

New and improved, the CBD Oil Drops from Canabidol® allow you to get your daily dose of great-tasting, all-natural, transparently tested CBD oil, in two different ways:

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Dropper Pipette:

The classic favourite, our pipette is still an accurate, easy way to take CBD oil sublingually (under the tongue), at home or at work.

Simply draw up oil using the top and squeeze out. Most tend to take 0.5ml per dose.

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Spray Nozzle: New for 2020!

Our spray cap gives an easy on-the-go delivery method, with the added bonus of spraying the oil in a wider area of your mouth than a pipette, for maximum absorption.

We now have both caps in all Refined CBD Oil packs!

The following products are now available with spray and dropper caps in every pack:

Canabidol Cannabis 250mg CBD Oil

Canabidol Cannabis 500mg CBD Oil

Canabidol Cannabis 1000mg CBD Oil

Both Caps

Later in 2020, we will also be bringing you:

RAW Cannabis CBD Oil with the same 2-in-1 feature.

NEW 2000mg High Strength CBD oils.

Measured pipettes for even easier dosing!

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