One way to ensure an optimum uptake of  CBD into your body is via a water-soluble product, but what does this mean and what options do you have in selecting a water-soluble CBD product that can then be swallowed and digested in the stomach more easily than, say, in a tablet or capsule form?

Water-soluble CBD has a list of undeniable benefits. Our bodies are 75% water (polar) and CBD is an oil (non-polar). As a result, the absorption of CBD by the human body is limited because oil and water don’t mix. As with many other vitamins and supplements, using oil-based compounds increases their bio-availability and you can get much higher absorption rates from a water-soluble product over its oil counterpart.

When CBD oil is consumed orally, very little CBD is actually absorbed by your body.  Most of the beneficial compounds completely bypass your blood system.

With the body’s ability to soak up the benefits of water-soluble products like a sponge, and it seemingly feeling easier to many if they could ‘drink’ their CBD, it’s no wonder water-soluble products have seen a rise in popularity in recent years.

While the benefits are clear, the laws that surround many products on the market are one of the biggest concerns that currently face the CBD industry in the UK and Europe. Though there are only a couple of suppliers here in Europe producing water-soluble material, many resellers using these products are failing the presentational compliance required by EU Food Law.


In essence, it is a stable emulsion of oil in water, i.e. tiny droplets of oil suspended in water. The issue that makes it tricky to make CBD mix into a liquid effectively, is that unless treated the right way, the water and oil will soon separate!

A good example of this would be to take a jam jar, fill it half way with water and put a couple of drops of oil in there. Shake it vigorously and the solution will turn milky white but wait! A while later you will slowly see the tiny oil particles joining together and the solution separating, leaving the oil floating on the top of the water.

Take that same jam jar and add an emulsifier of some kind – and then shake it some more! This time you will see that the solution will remain stable, as the bonds that are provided by the emulsifier, ultimately restrict the oil particles from attracting to each other and recombining.

Emulsifier 246x300 1

Water is Hydrophilic – it’s attracted to water.

Oil is Hydrophobic – it repels water.

Emulsifiers are amphiphilic, having a hydrophilic head and a hydrophobic tail.

So that’s what water-soluble CBD is, now what do you need to know when buying and trying a product?

CBD Water Liposomal Compound

The most important thing to ensure is that your water-soluble product lists the correct ingredients. There are many products on the market using compliant water-soluble material that fail to list the full ingredients.

This carries risks…one of the main emulsifiers used for the creation of water-soluble products is derived from a known allergen. We have seen some of the biggest suppliers be completely unaware that an ingredient in their products is classed as an allergen.

As such, make sure that your product lists any allergen names in bold so that you can make an informed choice on whether to try it or not.

Just listing these ingredients in terms such as, ‘Water-Soluble Hemp Extract’, ‘Aqua CBD Oil’ or ‘CBD Active’ is against food labelling regulations. All active ingredients of the water-soluble extract should be listed separately, including the emulsifier, and other ingredients that are used to develop the formulation.

If you are looking to try a water-soluble CBD product, make sure the first thing you ask for is a full ingredients list, including the emulsifier that is used.

Allergen Imagery

When comparing our water-soluble formulation to other EU compliant water-soluble products, it became quite clear early on that most, if not all other products on the market are completely unstable.

To achieve 100% stability, we expect to see the concentration of CBD on the top layer to match the bottom layer.

So…50%:50% would be a completely stable solution.

Water Soluble Test CBD Health

As you can see, the results are quite shocking. Whilst the CBD HEALTH® solution by Canabidol® mixed close to ideal, the other water-soluble CBD products currently available clearly do not do what they should. If the CBD Oil and water in your product won’t mix properly, there is almost no point in drinking the product from the perspective of being able to properly absorb it – and you might as well be consuming neat CBD Oil!


Wouldn’t it be reassuring if every bottle of product you bought could be checked to ensure its CBD content, THC-Free status and purity, with transparent test results, open to anyone online to search at any time?

Canabidol® can provide a full analytical test report for every individual product we supply. This contains all cannabinoid information and a list of ingredients within your product, to allow full trust and transparency when buying our supplements. Just visit and search the batch code that can be found on every pack you buy.

Here at Canabidol®, we are spearheading change in the CBD industry, and ensuring 100% transparency across all areas of our operations.

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Our new CBD HEALTH® Oral Suspension Gels (see here) are a fantastic innovation for people wanting to add CBD to their general wellbeing maintenance, because:

  • They are simple and easy to swallow! 
  • Our leading water-soluble CBD process means you will get the optimum CBD absorption currently possible on the market 
  • They come in a range of great tasting, natural flavours 
  • It is easy to monitor your daily CBD dose with our Oral Suspension Gels, coming in a 1mg CBD to 1ml of product ratio

They are the only CBD supplement range currently accompanied by ingredients with approved EU Health Claims: 

CBD HEALTH Heart Oral Suspension

HEART: with Vitamin B1 to support a healthy heart.

CBD HEALTH Immune Oral Suspension

IMMUNE: with Vitamin C to support your immune system.

CBD HEALTH Physio Oral Suspension

PHYSIO: with Calcium to support normal muscle and bone function.

CBD HEALTH Relax Oral Suspension

PHYSIO: with Lemon Balm to support relaxation and mental wellbeing.