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Our crack team of sales representatives have been stunned by the warm reception and universal interest in the products on offer. 

People from all walks of life, from long-time advocates of cannabis legalisation to big Pharma industry insiders, have welcomed Canabidol™’s range of highly refined, top-quality products into the market and joined us in celebrating the CBD industry as a vital addition to the ever-growing supplement market.

Natural and Organic Show, Exhibition space.
Natural and Organic Show, Exhibition space.
Visitors to tradeshow
2017 Pharmacy Show visitors.

One such advocate for the dietary benefits of including CBD in one’s daily routine was a 77 year old cannabis zealot who introduced himself as Dennis the Chemist: 

“he walked up to us and, with a grin on his face invited me to ‘feel his guns’ which, I gotta tell you, were pretty taut. He then invited me to punch him in the stomach… presumably to demonstrate the strength of his abs. 

Now, I’m not going to hit a 77 year old fella clean in the guts with full force so I pulled my punch by a decent amount but still, the guy was ripped. It was pretty shocking. He swore that CBD was central to his regime… and well, whatever truth there is in that… if that’s his system, it’s definitely working for him.” 

The visitors to the booths Canabidol™ have had at the various expos have represented all walks of life, but there has been no negative response whatsoever. 

“We’ve been blown away by the positivity from everyone we’ve met. The weirdest of people, people you’d never expect to be behind CBD as a health supplement have applauded what we’re doing, especially pointing to our scientific approach to purity, supply chain management and transparency.”

Previous Showa
Previous appearances, expos and shows from 2017 -2018.

“We’ve had everyone from CEOs of health brands to practitioners, shop owners and regular customers come up and thank us for the way we’ve been doing business. It’s really reinforced the fact that all the effort we’ve been putting into making sure our product is top quality is paying off.” 

“People have also mentioned things like how our branding is clean, our packaging looks the part and so on. And, well, we kinda knew that already, but to get solid reinforcement for the way we actually make the product, well- that’s what counts for us.” “It’s weird, when we went to the first one, a big pharmacy expo, we felt like outsiders. 

We were sure that there would be some sort of frosty response to CBD, given the way cannabis-based medicine has been shunned by the industry for so long… but we couldn’t have been more wrong. 

People were super positive, and the positivity we felt from everyone who dropped in was amazing.

Not only that but we gained a whole load of new customers, which has helped us push the envelope even further, taking CBD to new corners of the UK and beyond.” 

The appearances at the expos are just one part of the way in which Canabidol.com aims to raise awareness of the benefits of CBD oil and comes just in time for our huge announcement that from now on, all delivery costs to the UK, ROI and USA are to be waived entirely, giving all customers top-end courier delivery at no extra cost (a saving of £7.95 per purchase, with NO minimum order).

Canabidol™ remains poised to spearhead the campaign to get CBD recognised for its myriad of uses, and these appearances are central to that campaign. 

We are optimistic about the future: “basically, we’ve got a lot of obstacles to overcome but we know that we’ve got a product that helps thousands, if not millions of people in ways that we simply aren’t even allowed to discuss… but that will change soon… and when it does the awareness that we’re pushing now should help even more people use CBD oil, especially the extremely pure CBD oil that we’ve been honing and polishing, to help them too. 

It’s a matter of time before CBD has no controversy attached to it, and that’s a day that we just can’t wait for. “And as for Dennis the Chemist, well, he’s happy as he is, although I bet he’d like to see it get cheaper and more readily available. It’s for him, and everyone like him that we’re flying the flag for CBD awareness.”

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