Baggaley Chemist

Baggaley Chemist, an independent pharmacy, has been a fixture in Moseley for over a century, offering advice and medication. Located at the crossroads of Alcester Road and Salisbury Road, it stands as a central healthcare resource in the heart of Moseley.

This Alcester-based store is dedicated to providing exceptional services, ensuring that customers depart healthier than when they arrived, and with a greater array of options for maintaining good health. The team works in a collaborative and cooperative manner, focused on delivering the highest quality of services to meet a diverse range of customer needs.

Opening hours:

Monday 9 am–6 pm
Tuesday 9 am–6 pm
Wednesday 9 am–6 pm
Thursday 9 am–6 pm
Friday 9 am–6 pm
Saturday 9 am–12 pm
Sunday Closed