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UK Cannabis Company Further Expands it’s CBD Extraction Operations into Mainland Europe

2019 has been a mighty year for Canabidol® and the CBD industry, we have brought to market many new developments and have been working hand-in-hand with our sister company BRITISH CANNABIS® to ensure the very best is always delivered. BRITISH … Read More

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You Have to See it to Believe it! A Behind the Scenes Sneak Peek into the Harvest of our Cannabis.

This week… David and Dan, our BRITISH CANNABIS® sales duo, flew out to visit one of our networks of cannabis farms in Lithuania! It was both captivating and necessary to see, with our own eyes, how the next crop is … Read More

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Canabidol™ Announcement – Update from the Home Office on Cannabis Licensing and CBD

Following on from the recent Home Office update to the Drug Licensing Factsheet – Canabidol™ and British Cannabis® would like to reassure our customers that products produced by our organisations stand alone in the industry as compliant, legal, and safe! … Read More

Canabidol™ Diaries…Expos and Shows

Our crack team of sales representatives have been stunned by the warm reception and universal interest in the products on offer.  People from all walks of life, from long-time advocates of cannabis legalisation to big Pharma industry insiders, have welcomed Canabidol™’s range of highly refined, top-quality products into … Read More


Canabidol™ Diaries…CTA Conference & Tradeshow

It’s been an exciting year for Canabidol™ We have seen an astonishing growth in the company in correlation to the success of cannabis being recognised as an admirable food supplement.  CBD’s ability to support a healthy lifestyle and personal wellbeing, … Read More


Canabidol™ Diaries…The Pharmacy Show

Along with talks from pharmacy experts and key opinion leaders, including one of our clients Stephen Dickson from Dickson’s Chemist. Stephen will be discussing the legal and ethical developments in the pharmacy sector, proposing a strategy for pharmacy to be … Read More

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Canabidol™ is recruiting……..

What are you doing in 2018? Here at Canabidol.com we’re getting ready for what could be the final furlong in a marathon we’ve been running for years. The prize? A world in which cannabis is respected for the amazingly beneficial, … Read More

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30,000 Thanks You’s to our Facebook Fans!!

The Canabidol Team want to take the time, and express our thanks to all those that shared our last post – you should all now have received your 50% discount codes.Anyone sharing this post will also receive the 50% discount … Read More