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CBD UK Law - What products are legal to buy and sell?

British media doctor and health campaigner, Dr Christian Jessen Answers Your CBD Questions. In this video you will find out ‘What products are legal to buy and sell’ and other fundamentals about the compound found in cannabis.

Dr Christian on 'What products are legal to buy and sell?'

Products containing CBD (cannabidiol) are permitted to be sold as food supplements, but they must be presented as food supplements and not classed as medicines. 

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) set a deadline for all UK CBD companies selling products for consumption to submit a detailed Novel Foods Application for all products wishing to remain on the market by the 31st of March 2021. 

These applications include product purity, safety and toxicology studies to be carried out, ensuring consistent, well-made CBD supplements. This does not apply to topical products such as CBD creams and cosmetics, but these still have to comply with stringent cosmetics regulations.  

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BRITISH CANNABIS Answers Your Questions​

CBD UK Law – Which CBD products can you legally buy and sell?

CBD UK Law – All CBD products, including drops, sprays and cosmetics, are legal to sell and buy in the UK, provided they comply with strict regulations.

British Cannabis, a reputable producer of CBD, works hard to comply with these regulations. They produce CBD UK products under their own names or as ‘white labels’ for other brands.

You are good to go if it is made by BRITISH CANNABIS.

CBD, the non-intoxicating extract of cannabis plants, has been proven to be helpful in a range of conditions including anxiety and migraines. One of CBD’s most well-known effects is its ability to calm down, which is why it has gained so much popularity.

cbd uk law for canabidol cbd oil products

CBD UK Law – All CBD products must contain less than 0.2% THC. This is the illegal extract of cannabis that causes a high.

CBD is one of the 80 active ingredients in hemp plants that do not have psychotropic effects.

Most CBD products are sold in oil form. However, there are many flavour options available to satisfy consumer preferences.

For example, Access CBD (Cannabidiol) is a CBD product that can be used to treat pain. This company won The Independent Community Pharmacy’s ‘Best Pharmacy Product 2020’ award and was voted ‘Highly Recommend’ by The MVP Awards.

It offers flavours such as Natural and Berry.

The body’s endocannabinoid systems or ECS interact with CBD and other cannabinoids. This complex self-regulatory system can be found in both humans and other mammals. 

The ECS is vital in the regulation and maintenance of biological functions.

The ECS is responsible for managing physiological functions such as reproduction, immune system function, immune system function, digestion, glucose metabolism and motor control. It also helps to manage mood, appetite, mood, muscle control, motor control, motor coordination, and many other factors. 

These functions are maintained by the ECS through the use of various endocannabinoids and enzymes as well as receptors throughout the body. CBD interacts with these receptors to produce a healthy effect and restore balance in the body.

Best CBD UK 2023

There are many options for CBD oil blends. They can be purchased in different amounts to suit different tastes.

CBD UK Law – The CBD patch is another popular form of CBD. The Dermal CBD patch is a form of CBD by BRITISH CANNABIS™, which can be activated by the body to deliver 50mg of CBD to your skin.

These patches contain essential oils, and they work for up to 24 hours.

The patches provide a discreet, quick and discreet way to absorb the CBD benefits. They contain 17 natural plant terpenes, essential oils and 50mg of pure cannabis-extracted CBD.

This same company also makes a CBD Rescue Cream in 250mg and 500mg strengths. Clinically, this 50ml cream can restore, repair, or soothe skin that has been damaged.

cbd uk law canabidol product cbd capsules and cbd oil

CBD UK Law – All British Cannabis products and Cannabidiol products comply with the strict requirements of the UK regulatory authorities. They have been deemed the best products in both pharmacological as well as general wellness offerings, and are now a popular choice for people who recognize CBD as a useful supplement to their health.

British Cannabis CEO Tom Whettem stated: “Our mission is to help people discover CBD by developing and manufacturing only the highest quality cannabis food supplements, while never compromising quality.”

“Our goal is simple: to make a brand you can trust. Our core brand principles reflect our commitment to excellence, dedication to quality and passion for the work we do.

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